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Tegna Inc. is an American publicly traded broadcast, digital media and marketing services company headquartered in Tysons, Virginia. It was created on June 29, 2015, when the Gannett Company split into two publicly traded companies. Tegna comprised the more profitable broadcast television and digital media divisions of the old Gannett, while Gannett's publishing interests were spun off as a "new" company that retained the Gannett name. Tegna owns or operates 66 television stations in 54 markets, and holds properties in digital media.

Tegna has incompetent management, unstable hours for employees, and unfair payments even if been productive, an ex Motion Graphic Designer wrote on indeed.com

"Please take my review with a grain of salt as this is just my experience/perspective. To me it seems like anything you enjoy about your job, management WILL make sure to put a stop to that. If you’re looking for stability in work hours - look elsewhere. If you’re looking for competent management - absolutely look elsewhere. If you’re looking to get paid fairly for how much work you’re doing - I would look elsewhere. However, if you’re looking for the occasional pizza party so management can ease their guilt - look no further. I will say, though, that the coworkers are a delight and there is a strong sense of support from each other. But the parking situation is an absolute NIGHTMARE. If I were you, I’d put a few more resumes out there, take a little longer in your job search, and find somewhere that will appreciate you as an employee."


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Former Employee - Sales says

"If you aren't part of the chosen (relatives and friends) none of the pros apply to you. If you have a complaint don't bother going to HR. If you do they will target you until you resign or have a breakdown. Some managers have several complaints against them, they pay no attention to patterns of bullying by management. They can make anyone look good or bad."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Routine Layoffs - Every year they have a round of layoffs. Underpay and No Room For Growth"

Former Employee - Sales says

"Inappropriate hires. They hire and promote realatives. Not taking advantage of an employee's skill set. Lack of professional development opportunities. Poor quality of internet products and no maintenance once the sale is achieved. Favoritism. Overstaffed in sales and understaffed in news. No accountability for true sales. They rely too much on advertising agencies for new business, very few local commercials are produced for new business. No leadership, no consistency. They lead in the dark and make it up as they go."

Current Employee - Motion Designer says

"SEVERELY UNDERPAID. The salary is so frustrating along with the amount of work expected. For a company that has ONE Graphics Department for 50+ stations, they have failed to make us feel valuable. Everyone in this department wears several hats, but the pay is just disappointing that some of us have to work 2 jobs. I would not recommend this place, unless you are a fresh college graduate and this is your first job. But be aware, they will take advantage of your talents."

Former Employee - Engineer says

"Control over everything. They want Koo-laid drinkers not these who have ideas on improving process. Too many levels of management No direction on what's needed. Complete lack of leadership at all levels. I could go on but you get the idea."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Micro management, unqualified managers, always in fear of my job because current leadership is vengeful and petty. And absolutely underpaid."

Former Employee - Digital Producer says

"Embarrassingly low wages for the amount of work being done. (Get your experience then run far away) Raises are a complete joke. I got better raises working in retail. Too many lies from management when asking for a decent raise. You tell workers there is not enough money to pay them then turn around and promote others or create new positions. I don't know about other TEGNA stations but the one I worked at had a very hostile work environment. Management allowed for it and some colleagues were very insecure and thought too highly of themselves. Too focused on getting accolades but not really caring about being a good journalist. I saw a lot of racial and gender discrimination. A lot of people who clearly had no experience in certain areas were getting management positions. New positions titles were made up out of thin air. It was insane. Incompetence and laziness are allowed. From what I've seen, the worse you are professionally and personally, the higher up you go in the ranks. Advice to those looking to get work for TEGNA - Get your experience and move on to a different company."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"- management is not transparent, company has terrible performance but will tell you everythings great - not growing so you wont get an opportunity to either. the only growth they've seen is through acquisitions and that barely offsets the decline in revenue - mostly unqualified management, no matter how bad they are performing nothing changes - layoffs - low comp"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Awful pay, management, station is cheap"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"These past two years have been so awful that many TEGNA station newsrooms are unionizing. Low pay, low morale, rampant bullying and a poor management team at the top are the common factors. They're quick to encourage you to try something new, but run away when you step on too many toes. They also love to fire people for no ethical reason. They are loaded with poor management and are horrible judges of character. They also host the worst healthcare service and coupled with low.pay and rare raises, you end up losing more money year. They care nothing for their employees and often employ intimidation."

Motion Graphic Designer (Current Employee) says

"Please take my review with a grain of salt as this is just my experience/perspective. To me it seems like anything you enjoy about your job, management WILL make sure to put a stop to that. If you’re looking for stability in work hours - look elsewhere. If you’re looking for competent management - absolutely look elsewhere. If you’re looking to get paid fairly for how much work you’re doing - I would look elsewhere. However, if you’re looking for the occasional pizza party so management can ease their guilt - look no further. I will say, though, that the coworkers are a delight and there is a strong sense of support from each other. But the parking situation is an absolute NIGHTMARE. If I were you, I’d put a few more resumes out there, take a little longer in your job search, and find somewhere that will appreciate you as an employee."

Master Control Operator (Former Employee) says

"No advancement, poor management. There is obvious favoritism and with that if you aren’t the favorite you will constantly get the short end of the stick. Also they are habitual liars and quick to push blame onto someone else."

Account Executive (Former Employee) says

"Leadership will never allow you to advance if you aren’t part of their clique Can’t be captain of the ship when you are standing on the shore line.Great co-workersLeadership"

Video Editor (Former Employee) says

"Worked under Tegna for two years. They paid us next to nothing, even with several years of prior experience. The raises and bonuses were a joke. Management did not know what they were doing and were placed as a result of corporate giving early retirements out to those who had been working with the stations for decades.Pay, work life"

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"Lack of training for support staff. company focused on very large market results - do not get involved if in smaller market. Changes direction, focus regularly, which changes pay structure, products and book of business without warning.health insurancecorporate at its worst."

Multimedia Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"On the surface, TEGNA seems to be an ideal and fun place to work. It seems to offer large growth potential and opportunities to climb within the news industry. Once you’re in, however, you will realize very quickly that this place is a game of serious office politics. You’re either in it, or you are disliked, ignored and forgotten. The individual(s) who put forth the most effort and show willingness to grow and learn will be made to work even harder with no extra pay, while those who show minimal interest or care will be promoted and prosper. You will never receive a raise in pay even if you are handling duties well outside your job description. It is genuinely one of the most demoralizing things to see / live. The company repeatedly and knowingly elects people into positions because of who they are and not what they are or what they can bring to the table. If you are hired for a certain position, do not expect to move roles as TEGNA does not believe in hiring from within. Management is very poorly chosen for certain individuals, and again, not chosen to see you prosper, but to micromanage you. During my quarterly review, I was asked to “show where I had grown in the company”. I blankly stared at that statement for 20 minutes and couldn’t think of a single thing to write as I felt complete stagnancy and zero growth or improvement in the year and a half I had been with the company. Another thing that really bothered me is the intolerance shared by people who don’t share your same view politically. News and politics should never be mixed at work- but this place shoves its viewsFree food on occasion, access to certain eventsMicromanagers, poor management, low pay, no growth potential, political, no raises in pay"

Manager (Former Employee) says

"Tegna was a miserable place to work. The corporate micro managing was intense for local TV stations forced to follow bad advice for programming, website design, sales products etc. They have a terrible senior exec team with limited TV experience and poor employee relations. If you don't drink their koolaid... you're fired!"

Digital Account Manager - Platinum Team (Former Employee) says

"No loyalty to employees, constantly trying to turn the ship, and compensation practices in violation of labor laws. Middle management had no idea what they were doing; exec management more focused on shareholder dividends and creating millenial-friendly 'fun' culture than customer satisfaction and long-term business objectives. Young inexperienced leadership; 30 year old VPs - seriously. You're a number, not a human being at Tegna/Gannett. Very cliquish environment, supported by exec management. Avoid it if you can."

Production Worker (Former Employee) says

"Great people at the local level but Tegna corp thinks they know better how a station should operate, the local people just need to follow orders or get fired. Keep your resume handy because they don't value quality and they don't want long term people. I will say if you are looking for a start, this is the place... because that's what corp wants. Any long term experienced employees are not in this company's business plan. Young+Cheap=Good enough!Friendly co-workersbig brother corporation"

Productio Assistant (Current Employee) says

"Room for advancement but no compensation for advancement. If anything, the company takes advantage of employee eagerness to learn, and you end up working more for less. They don't seem to know what it takes to run media stations, and their biggest concern is money with no regard for employees as people. Fast food workers get paid more.No compensation, Money grubbing company"

Producer/Writer (Former Employee) says

"Too many cons to name, the main ones being poor leadership from management and obvious favoritism leading to poor morale. They want to revolutionize broadcasting with minimal staff and minimal training. You can juggle all the things they want you to do, but if you breathe out of the wrong nostril, you'll hear about it. Don't expect to have support from management if you're not part of the inner circle. My manager's go-to move was retreating to the office, shutting the door and sending everyone passive-aggressive, condescending emails. That's not leadership. Unless it's your first job in journalism, I'd take a hard pass."

Director (Current Employee) says

"Organizational Sr. leaders are not open to changing the way they think work should be done. This inability to change and adapt their views on what motivates employees will continue to prevent hiring and retaining too talent. By choosing not to give employees flexible work schedules, by not trusting employees to do their work will ultimately result in not achieving their organizational goals."

Associate (Former Employee) says

"KENS 5 is a great place to work if you like to be micromanaged. The GM acts as the news director, sales director and marketing director. All of the managers are only there to further their career then move up or out. When an employee leaves, they usually don’t fill that position and you’ll be expected to take on the extra workload without getting compensated for it.It’s in San AntonioEverything"

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"Trying to be a digital company in a television world doesn't really work! Really low pay, terrible management and lack of care for employees with lots of experience. Offered buy out to employees 55 and older with 15 years tenure, the smart ones took it.car wash in the garageNonexistent healthcare and benefits."

DATA ENTRY SPECIALIST (Former Employee) says

"This company did not allow women to have ideas and when you came forward with ideas, it was taken on by the men in the company as their own. Also it was very much about who you were friends with, perfect example is that it was discovered that a male temp was paid a dollar more as their female counterpart for doing the same job.free lunches, working from home, flexible with appointments or sick daysNot being recognized for hard work if you didn't play the smoozi"

TV Reporter (Former Employee) says

"There are good apples and bad apples. Unfortunately, even the good apples eventually go bad and rot while they attempt to carry a team on their backs. TEGNA needs to reward through compensation, stop being stingy on overtime, and learn that routinely (not in MAJOR breaking news cases) employees work to live, they don't live to work. Quality of life while with TEGNA: 0/5"

Sales (Former Employee) says

"The job doesn't offer room for growth in any way. You will make well under what most employers pay and they will sell it as a fun place to work but you're hardly allowed to have any fun or enjoy anything, even if your work is getting done. Managers good a lot of meetings but nothing ever changes. The communication is terrible and the turnover is high.Summer bbqs, occasionally win free tickets to small eventsLow wages, No advancement opportunity, poor training, stressful"

Cash Posting Specialist (Former Employee) says

"Structure and training is needed in the accounting department. Supervisor was not very helpful or hands on. The entire AURA in the finance department was depressing and I have never worked for a company where co workers don't socialize or unable to socialize with one another. There are nice people in the company but the entire finance department need restructuring."

Talent Acquisition Lead (Former Employee) says

"The company's new leadership isn't the best and aren't keeping the employees best interests at heart. I wouldn't recommend making a move to this company."

Cashier (Former Employee) says

"Life will be great if you keep your head down and do your work. Keep concerns to yourself even if they break policy and laws. Otherwise, you're a trouble maker.Free food, lots of free timeLower than average pay. Unnessary stress and drama."

Customer in DC says

"We in the DC area have lost the local CBS channel. It has been reported that TEGNA (CBS) in Tysons Corner, VA has demanded the highest rate hike in history from Directv which has been refused so TEGNA pulled its programming. This rate hike would fall on customers who are already struggling thru this pandemic. What a bunch of greedy slime. CBS and TEGNA suck. "

Brian says

"Their bully tactics when it comes to yanking tv stations is ridiculous. "

Judy says

"How dare you turn off our channels you greedy sob’s"

TomTom says

"You people need to get off the dime and quit ripping people off. BOTH you, smegma, and DDT need to truest negotiate an end to this BS."

Nunya Bidness says

"Tegna sucks. Greedy scumbags. Avoid them. They\'re the worst"

Antqer14 says

"Tegna sucks, leave channels alone! We pay for these channels and then you want to rule the world and yank them out. For shame, especially while everyone is going thru so many problems already...COVID, job loss, food shortages, give me a BREAK and get back to real life!!! You are a sorry group of money hungry fools!"

Frustrated customer in ATL says

"Station blackouts on AT&T Television at the worst possible times! This company is greedy and sucks!"

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